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Current Transformers

Transformers are vital material in electrical components and products. In accordance to particular requirement and functionality, current transformers can be picked among the available ones. Our transformers are accepted and deployed to estimate AC current. This generates alternating current, i.e., AC in the secondary that is relational to AC voltage in the primary. Our transformers together with potential transformers or voltage transformers that are intended for measurements, are acknowledged as instrument transformer. In addition, our current transformers convert voltages or currents from a normally elevated value to value simple to manage for instruments and relays. These transformers functions to protect the metering circuit against primary elevated voltage system.

Key Features:
  • Have secured wirings and bolts for optimum protection
  • Resists shock, fire, weather and more for functionality
  • Functions as per the received current to provide its advantages
  • Offer potentials of standardizing relays and instruments
Product Image (Single Core)

Single Core CT with DC Immunity

Price: 1 USD ($)

1. New core technology, equivalent of VAC CTs 2. Easy fixing inside meter, mounted on the bottom case 3. Strong insulation voltage between the primary and the secondary, up to 6kV/1min 4. Attractive appearance, casing color is available on request 5. Simple assembly, saving production cost 6. Easy connection to the primary cables/bus bars of latching relay

Product Image (LMK3(BH 0 63))

50Hz Current Transformer

Price: 10.00 - 100.00 USD ($)

50Hz Current Transformer can easily step down high alternating voltage or the current signal having the 50-hertz frequency. It is a type of transformer that is employed in several electronics applications to measure the alternating current. It contains the core of top rated material suitable for transformers fabrication responsible for the top notch performance of product.

Product Image (LVKDK-41W)

Low Voltage Split Current Transformers

Price: 10.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Piece

Low Voltage Split Current Transformers that we provide are the precisely engineered products which are widely used in several electrical and electronic circuit design applications. Its supreme quality of housing jacket provides protection against rough handling and odd climate conditions. These transformers can be easily mounted owing to optional DIN rail mounting clips provided.

Product Image (LMZJ1 0.66)

Busbar Type Current Transformer

Price: 10.00 - 100.00 USD ($)

Our Busbar Type Current Transformer is a reliable and accurate product. This is used in large industrial applications. We have availability of current transformers for primary current between 5 amps to 2500 amps. They contain supreme quality of fixing feet, busbar clamp kit and terminal cover. The high-grade core material makes these transformers distinctive and durable.

Product Image (01)

Resin Cast Current Transformer

Price: 50.00 - 500.00 USD ($)/Piece

Resin Cast Current Transformer is used for converting line current values into a level suitable for the low power rating devices. This transformer can efficiently measure the value of current due to its resilient structure and qualitative performance. The high-grade material used for its core fabrication makes the product functional for a long time.

Product Image (01)

DC Immune Current Transformer

Price: 1 USD ($)/Piece

Mini Current Transformers are designed to easily measure the high value of AC current using low range ammeters. These transformers perform the conversion of the high value of current into the low-value current (mini current) in order to keep it in a measurable range of ammeters. Highly precise core facilitates accurate measurement of the current.

Product Image (01)

Precision Current Transformers

Price: 1.00 - 10.00 USD ($)/Piece

Precision Current Transformers are used in the measurement of the current in a wide variety of electrical and electronic applications. Both the primary and secondary coil have the copper core winding responsible for its efficient operation. These are able to step down high AC/DC current to a level which can be smoothly measured by power analyzer.


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